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90년대 말 DVD 홍보 비디오테이프 광고

DVD가 이런 취급을 받던 시절이 있었습니다.
Jong-pil Oh : 이때 당시에는 '혁명'수준이었네요^^;;;
ThunderVolt 45 : 지금 DVD를 꺼내보면 그저 눈갱인데... 현 시점에서 비슷한 취급을 받는 물건은 UHD 블루레이겠죠?
히카리 : 저 영상 원본 어디서 보나요?

Rip or Capture Video Clips From A DVD or CD!

Here's an easy way to get video clips off of a DVD or CD, or you can rip an entire video if you desire.
jcamman99 : the quality of the videos weren't good, even with the MP4 option. any way to fix that? I noticed this program has been around a while as well
Das Reich : Does it work on protected dvd"s ?
Vinicius Gennaro : Thanks Dude

How to Take YouTube Videos & Put on a DVD : Internet & Tech Tips

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Taking YouTube videos and putting them onto a DVD will require you to first download those videos to your computer. Take YouTube videos and put them onto a DVD with help from a technology expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Zach Poulin
Filmmaker: Patrick Russell

Series Description: You'd be surprised by just how easy computers really are to use once you get a handle of the basics. Get tips on using your computer and browsing popular websites like YouTube with help from a technology expert in this free video series.
Tom Frost : Hi Zack, will this work on a I-Mac computer? If so where can I get YTD downloader and Image Burn? Thanks! Tom
Jim Doyel : Zach,The problem with most video tutorials is that they're done too quickly. Nobody wants to keep going back and stopping the video to recall the next step. A word of advice: don't assume everyone who uses the computer can move around as quickly as you can. Teach for understanding. Recap your video with bullet points. People are not watching the tutorial  to see your computer skills. When the video concludes, and people say "WOW, that was a good tutorial...plus I learned how to do something new", that says a lot about you and your teaching ability. I also suggest you look around at other tutorials to see what's out there, and how others do it. You're going to see a lot of crap, for sure, but there are many good ones out there as well. This is not to trash you, but to give you constructive feedback. When I hear someone talking 150 miles an hour and moving at the speed of light through various screens, I shut it down and search for another one; and sometimes another one. People appreciate clear and concise information, like they're being lead by their hand.
Craig Monteforte : hey Thankyou , I know to people of your generation Zach it’s like second nature but I’m 57 years old and completely self taught on computers and IPads that I began learning inmy 40s after having a few Strokes during operations I’m very proud of myself and I say self taught because I exclude the times I’ve asked for help or Googled or YouTubed one of my issues FYI I was a Woodworker Professionally for 25 years and as a hobbyist for over 35 years plus a father of two children and my youngest was good with Elevtronics who now does Computer IT work for a large organization professionally for many years whenever I needed or wanted a new television,printer,or any other gadget he was happy to go pick it up ,bring it home and set it up for me which was cool but didn’t make me keep up with technology plus in my career I didn’t need to have those skills as well as my most high tech thing was my cell phone
thomas miles : Time to put a rick roll in a dvd and put in the good well.
Jonti O'Neill : When these videos r downloaded into a DVD can they be played on a DVD player?




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