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HP Mini 1103 Netbook Screen Replacement Procedure

A production. Step by step instructions to replace a cracked LCD LED screen on a HP Mini 1103 netbook computer.
Joel Granera : Very nice video, very helpful but, how I replace the harddrive of an hp mini 1103? would you help me?
Robie Ugdao : Is hp mini 1103 and hp mino 110 300 the same??

HP Mini 100e & Mini 1103 Review

Review of HP's education market netbooks, the Mini 100e and Mini 1103. Recommended for use with the Ubuntu Linux, especially the ubermix for education, which you can learn about at
Enrique servin : Disculpa amigo buen dia necesito una cosa los drivers de la hp mini 100e me los podrias proporcionar gracias :)
betadine2 : @geeklord09 You need to install the driver for the broadcom wireless card.
Insert your live cd/usb and go to /pool/main/d/dkms and install the dkms package.
Then go to /pool/restricted/b/bcmwl and install the package bcmwl-kernel-source_5.100.82.38+bdcom-0ubuntu3_i386.deb. Restart your pc and you will be able to connect to wireless networks
Festus M : they have the same specs and pretty much same pricing but i like the 100e. It looks More Kiddish
Lus146 : i have a question does the 1103 have a disc drive or whatever (im not big on computer im looking for a good laptop) and is it good for mild gaming like minecraft and guild wars 2 if u have heard of it
Evan Patterson : can the handle be removed?

HP Mini 1103 Review

Fabricante: Hewlett-Packard
Modelo: HP Mini 1103

Procesador: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N455 @1.66Ghz
Memoria instalada (RAM): 1.00GB
Memoria disco duro: 215GB
Microsoft Office Starter (Español)
Sistema operativo de 32 bits

Edición de windows: Windows 7 Starter
Service Pack 1
alejandro ruiz : una pregunta cuanto es la mayor duracion de la bateria??

KalenoStar : me gustaria saber el ram que utiliza porque me gustaria actualizarla hasta los 2 gigas que puede soportar,pero no se cul tipo de ram usa :-s alguien me podria decir?
Marisol Melean : el peor video no se percataron que no se ve nada




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