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The FEIN MULTIMASTER – your best multitool.

Three models, one name: MULTIMASTER. Professionals put their trust in the original oscillating multitools by FEIN to handle a variety of tough jobs, such as interior work, renovations, and automotive industry jobs. With the largest range of multitools and most extensive accessory offering, the MULTIMASTER takes on almost any material with ease, making it the top choice for over 50 years for professionals around the globe.


FEIN's top 10 Most Popular Oscillating Accessories

A run through of our most popular oscillating accessories!
Jolanta Kijowska : We are replacing the subfloor in our home MyBest.Tools and this tool has proved to be invaluable. So many different uses. Cutting away boards in tight places, cutting water pipes to name a few. We love Dewalt tools in general, but have really enjoyed the flexibility and durability of this multitool.
FerrariDan : Ok, Fein's are the best. I have two older models 250 and 350 that use a blade bolt. You should have kept the 350 model with the blade bolt in your lineup since it accepts most universal style blades. The new model with Starlock only accepts the Starlock proprietary blades which are expensive. Do yourself a favor and bring back the old style model and call it the "Fein Classic". Keep the starlock for the folks that don't mind paying a lot for blades. Nearly all the machines by other manufacturers today accept universal style blades. I hope someone from Fein reads this.
Andrew Wilson : Like the new blade locking mechanism, much more user friendly than the finger biter that is on my multi Master! It as given its share of blood blisters and always up for a snap at the unwary!
Ray : I understand that Fein uses the Star-lock system so their blades are Star-lock too, but it real doesn't make any sense to me from a business standpoint why they wouldn't just go ahead & make the same accessories in a Universal Mount as well so all multi tool users could purchase them.

If Fein actually takes their accessories as a valid source of income for the company then they should really be trying to sell them to with a multitool not play into the "you have to buy into our platform to get em" mentality.

If they started making Universal fit versions I bet they'd sell twice as the Star-Lock blades because mote people use Universal.
Timothy Van Der Schultzen : #1 - the thing that fixes blade slip on the old machines.

Fein Multimaster (NEW) Demonstration

amestown Distributors TV: The NEW Fein Multimaster. This video showcases the the newly redesigned Multimaster. Learn more about this multi-use power tool by reading our blog at http://blog.jamestowndistributors.com. You can get your own Multimaster at http://www.jamestowndistributors.com.




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