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Review - Does 5/3/1 Work? Jim Wendler's Linear Progression Program for Strength Athletes Explained


Store: www.empirebarbellstore.com

5/3/1 is one of the most popular training ebooks to have ever been published. A great introduction to linear progressions and size and strength development using compound movements, 5-3-1 appeals to new competitors and young recreational lifters alike.
Soccasteve : In the newer templates Wendler recommends less frequent deloads (every 7-8 weeks) which I think is more appropriate.
Mike P : It does draw out the progression. However, part of Jim Wendler's intention was to create a program that could be used to get stronger for years and as you age. It wasn't meant for people trying to be powerlifters. It was meant for people just wanting to get stronger and/or get healthier.
Ogr Bell : Great insight. A point I would like to add to this assessment is in regards to athletes that aren’t powerlifters.

The conservative approach 5/3/1 takes with the mandatory week 4 deload is perfect when you practice a sport.

5/3/1 is the only program I have been able to maintain as a fighter without injury or burnout.
david w : "just the right amount of work never feels like the right amount of work." such wisdom
Bob U : Love 5/3/1. I always come back to it because of the simplicity. It’s great to build a base and help focus on technique. I always went away because of the boring aspect. Over time I’ve taken it and made it my own by combining different training philosophies. The way I’ve ran it over the past year has been a blast. I use 5/3/1 reps and percentages as the base and combined it with a little bit of conjugate and Brian Alsruhe style giant sets and strongman conditioning.

Wendler 531 | How to in under 5 mins!

Wendler 531 how to in under 5 mins is a review of how to perform the main 4 lifts of Wendler 531, along with the proper reps and weight percentages as you perform Wendler 531 from week to week! I also show you how to create your very own Wendler 531 calculator in excel in order to simplify the whole process! By the end of this video you should be able to setup and run your very own cycle of Wendler 531.

I am not affiliated with Jim Wendler in any way. This video is meant to provide an overview of the program. I highly recommend picking up one of Jim Wendler's books, whether that be hard cover, or on amazon kindle. They range for around 10 dollars on kindle, and they are an easy read packed with tons of good info! The books also provide you with accessory lift templates you can use to supplement your main training.

For those who are interested in running this program should do so at their own risk. It is always recommended that a medical doctor be consulted prior to starting any new exercise regimen.

This is truly one of my favourite programs, and I have enjoyed reading his books. Anyone who is passionate about strength gain should check into it!

As usual if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below, and I will respond accordingly! Hope you enjoy the video and stay healthy people!

Link to the program spreadsheet as seen in this video:

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AJ Faith & Fitness : As usual, please feel free to ask any questions below!! If you have any suggestions for the channel please feel free to include these in the comments as well!
Chris C : Great video, clear and to the point with no time wasting waffle! Also appreciate the spreadsheet how-to built right in, I looked at so many massively complex spreadsheets before watching this and as a result, have now made my own in a few minutes. Thank you!
Aaron Kokich : Really good video , so much easier than a wall of text. It’s much nicer to have the system explained to you specially us home gym types lol
Mark Shiel : Wow man this sets out the workout perfectly! Do you recommend any sets or reps for the accessories? Lets say I finish the compounds- On the day of bench and I move on to incline, would 4 sets of 8 reps be fine or do I have to still do heavy with low volume?
Buttadick : Thank you so much for explaining everything so clearly. I’ve been wanting to try this out but it seems a bit too complicated on the website. Great vids.

벌크와 3대 중량 떡상 운동 프로그램 nSuns531 완벽 가이드

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▹ 랭킹닭컴 앰버서더 세계적으로 유명한 운동 정보
‣ https://bit.ly/35C9Vn6
‣ 회원가입 추천 아이디: seyujeong
‣ 다양한 할인 쿠폰
‣ https://bit.ly/31wPHcO
‣ 할인코드: seyujeong
세계적으로 유명한 운동 정보 : ▹메인운동
‣ 벤치, 스쿼트, 오버헤드프레스, 데드

▹메인운동2 [변경가능]
‣ 오버헤드프레스, 스모 데드, 인클라인 벤치, 프론트 스쿼트, 클로즈 그립 벤치

▹보조 운동
‣ 해당 운동일 마다 정해진 근육 그룹이 있음 그리고 운동 가지 수는 피로에 따라 선택
세트 수와 반복횟수는 2~4세트, 8~12회 권장

▹+, AMREP세트
‣ 1+ : RPE9
‣ 3+ : 3~6회 목표
‣ 5+ : 5~8회 목표
‣ 8+ : 8~12회 목표

‣ 1+ 세트에서 추가 반복횟수에 따라 1RM의 90%를 말하는 Training Max(TM)값이 증가
그래서 실제 운동 중량은 TM값의 %로 계산되기 때문에
TM이 5kg 증가된다 하더라도 바로 해당 운동 종목의 중량이 5kg이 증가되는 것이 아님.

‣ 2~5분
‣ AMREP 세트 전에는 5분 권장

‣ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bpmhealth.boostcamp
‣ https://apps.apple.com/us/app/boostcamp-beginner-workouts/id1529354455

[운동 경력 1년 미만 추천 운동 프로그램]

▹그레이 스컬

▹닭가슴살은 랭킹닭컴
‣ https://bit.ly/35C9Vn6
‣ 회원가입 추천 아이디: seyujeong
‣ 할인 쿠폰 증정
▹보충제는 마이프로틴
‣ https://bit.ly/31wPHcO
‣ 상시할인코드: seyujeong
- 맫으 맛으터 켐 - : 아니 프로그램 설명만 했을 때 항상 너무 복잡해서 포기했던 경우가 태반인데 이건 어플까지 설명해 주시네.. 진짜 이렇게 운동에 진심이신 분이 있어서 그나마 어려운 운동도 일반인이 할 수 있는 시대인 듯
녹차라뛔좋아요 : 진짜 최고다..지금껏 여기저기서 주워들은 지식과 경험으로 나름 나만의 루틴을 세우고 일지도 매일 작성하고 있었지만, 정말 내가 ‘잘’하고 있는가에 의문이 들면서도 새로운 도전은 못하고 있던 시기에ㅠㅠ어플도 그렇고 한번 잘 써보겠습니다. 감사합니다~~
나헬리니 : 어릴때 럭비하다 허리부상 후 헬스가 좋아 쉬엄쉬엄 헬스만 하던 사람입니다.
179/85 3대는 450정도까지 회복이 됐습니다.
한때 103키로까지 올라간 적 있으나 shortcut to size 프로그램으로 다이어트 했으며 그 후에는 다른 유튜버 분 2분할 루틴으로 하다가
얼마 전 Y3T 영상 보고 현재 3주차 진행중입니다.
원래 근육을 조지는 스타일로 운동하는 걸 좋아해서 주4회라는 점 빼고는 2분할보다는 Shortcut to Size나 Y3T가 더 잘 맞는 것 같습니다.
다만 몸에 아직 지방이 많다고 느껴져서 여름이라 쉐입도 좀 다듬고 싶은데 Shortcut to size, Y3T, sSuns 중 추천 해주실 만한 프로그램이 있을까요 ?
SEUNGYUN JUNG : 정말..감사합니다..요즘 같은 정체시기에 데이터를 기반으로 하는 운동법이라 너무 신뢰가고 당장가서 해보고 싶습니다..




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