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DIY: How to disassemble Zalman Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 & ZM-NC1000

... 11 screws to open and clean Zalman Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 or ZM-NC1000.
Oriyan Ovadia : Wow, you really helped me. I was trying to open it but had no clue the screws were underneath the rubber.
Некто Анониев : Thanks! Disassembled and cleaned mine into 10 minutes. Helpfull stuff
Gavla Tennis : Useful video. I'm surprised how heavy the aluminium part of this is! The fans are ADDA AB0905HX-CB1. Not particularly loud but not the quietest either.
LectroSoul : Thanks for the vid, cleaned mine which was filthy, I dont find this cooler particularly good though, i thought it was because of the built up dirt inside, but its just not very strong in general, doesnt do much..
Navind Chitty : thanks in 2021... haha my 10 years + cooler is working like new again. So far the best cooler still :)

노트북 쿨러 잘만 ZM-NS1000 리뷰

노트북 쿨러 사용해보고 리뷰 남깁니다.
Ripeflyer 0132 : 노트북 통풍구에 먼지 들어가나요?
블랙이 : 안녕하세요. 혹시 바람이 강한가요?
DARREN : Good stuff?

The Mamiya Camera Nobody Knows About

The Mamiya NC1000S is a 35mm SLR film camera.

Full Review:




✩ s o c i a l s ✩
instagram ↠ @andrelieberher
O Barre : I have this old camera . ( It appears in 1977 ). It is a shutter speeds priority camera . As this model is quite old, it uses steel and aluminium. It is a good ideas to grease the mechanism and also verifying the speeds. Unfortunatly, optical lens are not commun and hard to find in second hand. It is a marvelous camera for collector's.
Sen Rodriguez : My mamiya ZE is similar ! Aside from a couple of components. I also love the shutter sound
John Dennis : It was my first 35mm camera. Bought in 1980.
Bingus : Just found this camera in my closet, needs some batteries and film but definitely pumped to learn how to use it
flufff : How do you set up the right exposure when shooting? Could you talk ab the correct placement of the indicator needle




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