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Yamaha MG24

MG-42 full auto fullauto shooting.
Rou Channel : "No full auto in a building bro"
EAL : Only the Germans could make a weapon that is so iconic. Absolutely undisputed one masterpiece!
Ismael Nehme : "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons"-Douglas Macarthur
Lee Mason : One of the best MG's ever made. Saw a interview with a guy from the US airborne who was in WW2 he said it was one of the scariest sounds he heard during the war.
Donald J. Trump : Imagine 30 of these shooting at you while you're trying to run across the beach with 100+ pounds of equipment on your back

Yamaha MG24/14FX console overview For GodFirst Church Midrand

Very quick video taken with my phone to show the main sections of the Yamaha MG24 mixer surface and connectors.




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