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$10 CAMERA - Kodak EasyShare DX7590 Photo & Video Test

the kodak easyshare dx7590 is a camera from 2004, and can be bought on used for extremely cheap!!!! this is a photo and video test of that camera!

to be honest, it actually did much better than i expected. of course, it doesn't match to camera's today, but it didn't do that bad either.

i also compare the lowlight to my much newer, more expensive, sony a6000, and it completely blows it away.


MY SETUP (affiliate links)

- bigger camera:

- microphone for sony a6000: https://amzn.to/3euFq93

- smaller camera: canon powershot sx740 hs

- video editor: wondershare filmora
Buddy Carroll : I bought this camera when it came out in 2004. It cost about $500.00 back then. I used it mostly on auto and was happy with it. After using my Canon EOS 60D for some years and learning to shoot using Shutter and aperture priority, I still go back to this Kodak using Shutter and aperture priority and get great results. Best thing about this Kodak is, you can find them for about $25.00 on ebay. I have 3 of them now. lol
justdo yourthing14 : This camera got me into photography as well. It’s become my retro indulgence. In daylight the camera is a lot of fun and the pics hold up. Once it gets dark tho... still, a very special camera
Jay : That camera really isn't bad at all the daylight pictures were surprisingly good.
Ayleen Gomez : The video on the camera makes it look so cool. I love it
Niela Abrantes : Gostei do vídeo, eu tenho uma câmera dessa.

Kodak Easy Share DX7590 Demo Video

This is a demo video for the Kodak Easy share DX7590 Digital Camera.
Brandon Quiroz : What was the software you used?
Eduardo trejo : Hello my Kodak Dx7590 no permitted playing the video, help me?
makayla : How can I share media to a phone or tablet
Eduardo trejo : I am, person of the Mexico, help me plis.

kodak easyshare dx7590 quick review

this was just a thing i wanted to throw together for u peoples! like and sub and i will have a better one l8r!




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